This blog is part of the initiative Vejle Digital Schools

This blog is aimed at teachers in Vejle Municipality, Denmark.The message is simple: Use one another's and your pupils' digital resources.
The blog contains 10 simple ideas on how you as a teacher develop your own and your pupils' digital skills. Continue on your own and generate more ideas - share them with others.
The knowledge society is upon us. Some say we are on it. With a simple grip you and your school can help prepare pupils for a childhood, adolescense and adulthood in a society where it is essential to master the following four digital competence are:

- Information retrieval and collection
- Production and dissemination
- Analysis
- Communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration

Relational model [lærer = teacher, elev = pupil, andre = others]

The 10 ideas on this blog are based on this model, which IT consultant Hans Grue is the author of. The model shows the possible relationships between you as a teacher, your colleagues, pupils and others in a life where digital competency is set on the agenda.

The blog is part of The Vejle Municipality Strategy "The Digital School 2011-2015". A special thanks to Academic Audience Manager, David Garde-Tschertok from Microsoft Denmark for an exciting presentation for school leaders and IT consultants on practice-based competency in October 2011.

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